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Beginning January 1, 2019, Private Passenger and Commercial Applications will now be completed by producers “online” using EASi, the Electronic Application Submission Interface.
The first step for access to EASi is to complete a registration form to obtain a username and password.
  1. Log in to EASi at https://easi.aipso.com/ and locate Register for EASi.
  2. Choose Wisconsin and you will see the registration form.
  3. Complete the form and submit by mail, fax or email using the information on the form.
  4. A representative from the Plan will contact you with your username and password.
You can now log into EASi at easi.aipso.com using your username and password to complete applications online.
  • EASi Private Passenger has automated rating, no manual rating is required.
  • EASi Commercial contains an automated PDF, with manual rating required. Click here for access to WAIP Rules and Rates Manual.
For detailed instructions regarding EASi, Click here.
After completing the application in EASi, print the application PDF, and once the applicant and producer signatures have been entered, mail the signed application and required deposit to:
P.O. Box 6530
Providence, RI 02940-6530
For any questions regarding this transition or on how to use EASi, please contact AIPSO at 1-800-827-8694 or via email at WIAIP@aipso.com.
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