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Checklist for Completing a Business Auto Application

The following list is provided to help you complete the essential components of the application. Any other missing information will be obtained by a phone call to the producer/agent or insured.
  1. Producer/Agency name, address, phone number, agent’s National Producer Number (NPN) and the Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).
  2. Applicant and/or Business name, address, type of business, phone number, and Federal Employer Identification Number.
  3. Type of entity and number of years in business.
  4. Requested coverage/limits.
  5. Description of all owned vehicles.
  6. All questions listed in area #7 must be answered. Any "yes" answers must be explained on a separate sheet of paper.
  7. Complete policy number, termination date, and reason for termination from the prior carrier.
  8. Estimated annual premium and deposit amount.
  9. Producer's signature and date.
  10. Applicant's signature and date.
  11. All mandatory attachments*.
(*) See application for further details. Effective 7-1-2001, 4 years of loss is required.
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